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Fringe Festival Participation Information

Fringe Festival Participation Information

The 2021 Minnesota Fringe Festival Registration Process is now CLOSED.

The 2021 Minnesota Fringe Festival features virtual pre-recorded shows, virtual live shows, and in-person independently produced live shows .

Please take a moment to read through ALL the instructions before you apply, including the description of the producer options and the requirements for each. Additional details can be found in the Fringe Festival 2021 Producer Handbook.

Virtual Shows! Even though vaccines and herd immunity are on the horizon, COVID-19 is still keeping Minnesota Fringe stages limited. We’ve updated our website to smoothly connect adventurous audiences with your adventurous (virtual) art! If you have a pre-recorded show of any length or are prepared to live-stream, and have access to a YouTube account, you can have a show in the 2021 Minnesota Fringe! will be a one-stop terminal where audiences can buy tickets and instantly watch virtual shows--each on its own individual show page. 

In-Person Independently Produced (IPIP) Shows! Traditionally, Fringe selects, staffs, and manages every venue in the Festival. This year, we cannot offer Fringe-managed stages to our producers. Provided they are willing to take COVID-19 precautions, we’re inviting producers to select any location in the metro to stage their show and join the festivities. Have a favorite space where you already perform? Got an idea for a non-traditional performance? Looking to stage something outdoors in the open air? In-person Independently Produced shows are for you. IPIP Submissions are open January 15.

Ticket prices to the 2021 Fringe Festival are $10 for a virtual show and $13 for an IPIP show ($10 ticket plus $3 reservation). All festival patrons will be required to make a one-time purchase of a Fringe Festival Button ($5) to attend and support the festival.

NEW THIS YEAR: All registrations accepted; there is no lottery to enter. A $50 fee per production is due at submission. Multiple submissions are permitted; producers registering multiple shows must enter with a unique email address for each production. The deadline to apply is Saturday, May 15, 2021.

The Basics: Time and Money 

The 2021 Minnesota Fringe Festival runs Thursday, August 5 through Sunday, August 15.

The $50 non-refundable registration fee is due at submission. Producers may submit more than one show; each individual production must pay its own $50 non-refundable registration fee. Each individual production must be submitted with a unique email address--you may not use the same email address for more than one registration.

What you get

  • Guaranteed 75% of your box office receipts (IPIP shows receive 75% box office receipts and 50% of reservation fees).
  • The opportunity to receive tips from ticketed patrons.
  • Ticket sale and virtual box office services
  • Fringe Producers' Handbook—your comprehensive guide to the festival
  • Access to workshops and one-on-one help sessions
  • Customizable page for your show on our website
  • Publicity distribution to major press outlets and regional producers/presenters
  • Artist comp codes for your show that you may distribute as you wish.

What you're responsible for

  • Finding or creating a script; acquiring any necessary rights or permissions for existing scripts/music
  • Arranging/contracting actors and director
  • Costumes, props, sound cues and set pieces
  • Marketing your show
  • Arranging necessary visas and work permits if coming from outside the United States
  • Abiding by the Fringe rules and deadlines
  • Providing marketing materials and information so we may build you a page on our website

Additional responsibilities for Virtual shows

  • Acquiring and managing your own YouTube account (accounts are free - see below)

Additional responsibilities for IPIP shows

  • Proof of Liability Insurance for venue
  • All permits and venue rentals
  • COVID preparedness plan

Please remember the Fringe Festival is a different producing environment than "normal" productions. The Festival pace is faster, the timeline more compressed, virtual shows do not have a visible audience, and there is less control over ticketing and schedule. Guidelines and rules are in place to keep the big picture running smoothly - which is also what makes it fun.


When you register a show for the 2021 Minnesota Fringe Festival, it will receive its own page on our website, which you will be able to customize by logging into a special section of our website. Your login will be an email address. Each email address can only be connected to one show/show page. Therefore, if you want to submit more than one show, each show must be registered separately with its own unique email address. Producer communications will be sent to these email addresses, and you will be responsible for answering for all of them individually.


The Minnesota Fringe website will be updated to stream each virtual show on its unique show page, giving your audiences a more uniform festival experience. To facilitate this, your video and/or livestream must be hosted off-site. YouTube’s platform is the most economical for all artists and the most versatile for those with more technical savvy, while also working seamlessly with the Minnesota Fringe website. Final unlisted YouTube links to recordings and timed live streamed events will be due no later than July 20.

More detailed information may be found in the 2021 Minnesota Fringe Producer Handbook, which is available here. 

2021 Producer Handbook

If you've got questions, contact us at
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